new dress! opinions pls and help w. jewlery

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  1. I just bought this dress, and I have to say if it hadn't been for P-B's thread on bikinis I would have never even considered trying it becuase of it's plunging neckline, and my lack of chest!! But I decided to be brave. Now I just need help figuring out what kind of jewlery to wear.
  2. You look beautiful! I think it would look wonderfull with a simple diamond (three stone?) pendant! and studs?
  3. Yeah, arireyes!! You are SMOKING hot!! I agree with it being something simple. Maybe a diamond (real or rhinestone) necklace that dips into (and complimets) the neckline w/ a cuff braclet and diamond studs. Let me see if I can find some pics.

    Edited to add links ~

    Okay - I'm bad with putting the actual images in the links. But I like the look of black with diamonds! I think it looks super classy.
  4. Yes, I was thinking something simple but longer maybe.
  5. ^ Yeah, I agree. Something that really dips into that daring neckline. I just couldn't find anything with a quick search.
  6. I wish I could find a pic of the one I want. I just thought about it, but it's actually at Sam's club and they never have it one their website. I have been looking at it for 2yrs lol. Now I have something to wear it with.

    Seriously If I hadn't read through that whole thread the other day I wouldn't have taken a 2nd glance at that dress.
  7. I love that dress!! And the shoes too. May I ask where the dress is from?
  8. Oh yeah btw low plungy necklines usually look classier on smaller chested women and not quite as scandalous. Just look at Kiera Knightly. She's an A cup and always wears plunging necklines to awards shows and such.

    I dont know why but I can see that dress w/ pearls.
  9. I do have some good pearls. The dress is Just Cavalli. I bought it at Nordstrom.
  10. That dress is gorgeous. I agree about the pearls too. I think they would go really well together.
  11. Thanks ladies! I think I might wear it with the pearls for now. But I have my eye on the diamond necklace I want. Now If I can just get DH to buy it for me.:smile: It's actually simliar to one of those you posted P-B but not quite as pricey.
  12. I say no necklace. Some fabulous drop earrings and gorgeous bangle(s.) That dress looks gorgeous on you to . If you must wear a necklace, I would go for a very simple necklace with a dangling diamond pendant.
  13. I hope he gets it for you! And, yeah it doesn't have to be pricey as long as it looks good! Good luck. You looked fantastic in that dress. I also wouldn't have picked up a low cut number like that, but seeing your pics maybe I'll be brave.