new dress now I need shoes

  1. I Just ordered this dress, which shoes would look best with it?


    I just bought these for it.


    and I am going nto buy a red purse to carry ith it. what do you all think?
  2. IS the dress navy/white?
    Are those shoes red/black?
    I don't like mixing navy and black personally.
    Red strappys would be really cute though!
  3. No the dress is Black and white and the shoes are red and black.

    I also need a red purse and need some shelp with that too
  4. I wouldn't carry a red bag...I would do a small black patent leather clutch. The shoes are cute though...are they LV???
  5. i love the shoes..
  6. i think they match properly!
    and i agree with annemerick, black is better for a purse!!!
    BTW i love the shoes!:biggrin::biggrin:(the dress too!)
  7. Personally I avoid black at all costs. Its a very harsh colour & washes most skin tones out. The thing I really hate about black is in my opinion, it really cheapens any colour you put it with, so personally I'd wear black shoes & save those beauties for an other fabulous (non black!:biggrin:) dress.

    I really like the dress, but just not with different colours thrown into the mix. how about some Louboutin Bruges? or the Zeppa sling back? both styles would be fabulous with that dress.

    good luck with it & show as pics of the finished outfit!:biggrin:
  8. Those shoes are stunning!
  9. No I wish! but they are super CUTE!