New Dr. Q Groovees

  1. I was browsing NM and spotted new Dr.Q Groovees! What do you think?

    L-R: Canvas White // Black // Patchwork

    I've been trying sooo hard to get my hands on the bordeaux and even surlygirl (shes an angel~) has been trying to help me too... After numerous international phone calls with no result, i'm starting to lose hope. I still love the Dr.Q Groovee satchel so although the new ones dont strike me as much as the bordeaux, i would still love one. Which one do you suggest out of the new Groovees?
  2. The white one is nice, but I think it would get dirty really quickly.

    I also like the black, but not a fan of the patchwork one at all.

    So glad I have my bordeaux, I like it much better than any of these. :smile:
  3. I wish they came out again with the bordeaux, I missed out on that hot color.
  4. not feeling the patchwork...
  5. Love the white one!
  6. i like the middle one
  7. I like the black Groovee. I still hope that you can get your bordeaux. I'll be back home tomorrow or Monday and will go into the store to see why they never answer the phone!