New Double slip interior pockets in TANOS

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  1. Is the MiniLisa the only TANO with the double slip interior pockets? Does the Boogie or Getting Warmer have them?
  2. The Flashbulb Flurry has double slip pockets also -
  3. Read the description on MHB and GW has the double slip pockets. Hmmm, seriously considering the GW.
  4. The Up Close and Personal appears to have the new pockets (pic on lunaboston) but I'm not sure about the others?
  5. I posted earlier in the season about the new interior on the Tano bags starting this Fall. There are some bags that didnt make it in time for the change but most will have the new interior. The zipper pocket is now stitched down and there are now two larger leather slit pockets for your cell/glasses.