New Dooney..

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  1. Loved my previous Dooney so much that I got myself another one!


  2. I love it! She's so sophisticated and understated...congrats!
  3. I love it! So classic, congrats!!
  4. I love it, does it hold a lot?
  5. I love it!! It does look classic!
  6. Good for you!
  7. So cute.
  8. That's adorable.
  9. Can hold a paperback, my wallet, a digital camera, keys

    and is surprisingly deep. Measures about 9 1/2" wide, 6" high and 2" wide.
  10. Love Dooney & Burke. Great bag- Enjoy!
  11. Cute. Congratulations! I like the fact that the logo print is tone-on-tone so it's more subtle. Enjoy your new bag.
  12. very cute!!
  13. CONGRATS! Love the black!
  14. I've always loved the black on gray Dooney sigs best. So classy looking. I'd love the bag if only it was a tad bigger. I need at least 13-14" across.
    What's the name of it? Maybe they have a bigger version. I'll have to check out the Dooney site.
    My friend just said the local Elder Berman stores were selling the Bitsy Bag for 89.00. She was soooo happy until she saw it was only as big as a matchbox...LOLOL
  15. Hey wait....My friend thought 89 for the Bitsy bag was a deal!! The Dooney website list them for 65 dollars. Guess if they make you feel like it's a sale....