New Dooney line: Mini Bubble

  1. Has anyone seen the new Mini-Bubble line?

    I think I want to get a wristlet in the new celery color! :nuts: Or maybe the pink because it's Valentine's season. I didn't like their bigger bubble line a while back, but this one's kinda cute...and the D&B logo is more spread out. :yes:
  2. The cream and black is really cute too.
  3. Hey that is pretty cute - I like the green and the black/cream. :shame:
  4. i like the celery, pink and lavendar :smile:
  5. Those are cute
  6. It's cute! Minimal logos
  7. Me likey!
  8. i saw the bags & accessories.. it's actually available at Macy's now.
  9. Cute :smile:
  10. I like them...sooo cute. I might buy one.
  11. Much better than the original bubble line. I like it too!
  12. I like it better than the original bubble line too.
  13. I love the black and cream! Sooo pretty!
  14. My little sister like this brand a lot but I don't think it is for me.

    Anyway, cute bag on the link.
  15. Cute. The only color I don't like very much is the multicolor, because it sort of reminds me of a Wonderbread package.