New? Dooney Gingham??

  1. At Macy*s I saw new(?) Dooney & Bourke bags in colourful (one colour/white) gingham.

    Are they new? Think they'll go online soon? They're not now.

    I want to blog about them.

    By the way, does anyone think I should blog about the mini bubble line in the mean time? It is cute.
  2. I like them!
  3. The checkerboard pattern is called the Picnic line and will be on the website next week. There are also several more collections coming up. What's available in the mini bubble are the only styles they have so far - no new styles coming up.
  4. Thanks! Like a picnic blanket.
  5. OOohh...kinda want to see this :nuts:
  6. I saw two today, one yellow/white gingham and one orange/white - I've never been a big Dooney fan, I find their fashion bags to a bit on the kitschy side. I feel the same way about this collection but am interested in seeing what tlese they may come out with for the Spring.
  7. Ooh I love gingham! I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
  8. It's on their website now-these are some styles...


  9. I saw them in Macys today. In bright yellow, green & blue with the white.

    Not as cute as I hoped they would be. I think they look better in the brown like the ones above.
  10. very cute! I don't generally go for dooney, but this I like!
  11. They also have a new line up there called "Candy" but I don't know how to post photos. ;-(
  12. Yup, that one does not appeal to me. Too busy!!

  13. Eeep! That "candy" one is awful! It looks like something you'd get @ Walmart!
  14. eww! yes it is awful! :yucky: