New Dooney for me! Want to see?

  1. Okay, I'm well-aware that there isn't a big following with D&B here. But in defense of D&B, I will announce I got a new one yesterday by my godfather! :yes: I know I'm on a ban, but this shouldn't count, right? ;):graucho:

    I was at the outlets yesterday with my family, and normally I don't like it when people spend a lot of money on me, especially designer bags. But he insisted to get me one (since he knows I love my LVs and we don't see each other too much since he lives in NorCal), so I relented. A lot of the bags at Coach were too expensive, and I didn't want him to spend a lot. We headed over to D&B...and I found a nice, small tulip tassel tote that was reduced to $60 (retail is $150 and its original outlet price was $105). And the best part? It's made in the good ol' U.S. of A.

    I'm not a big fan of jacquard fabric (I'd rather have a leather or coated-canvas bag), but we'll see how this works out. Even though there's the D&B logo all over it, it's pretty mature-looking overall, and I love it (sentimental value always wins me over :love:). It even has a removable shoulder strap which I find super convenient since I prefer shoulder bags over handbags.

    Anyway, just wanted to share to help the dooney fans. :P Sorry, there aren't more pics; I hate uploading.
  2. Oh I like the fabric, subtle, and mature I agree. Nice bag! Congrats!!
  3. Very nice ... love the color! Congrats on such a great deal!
  4. I really like the bag. I am partial to the shape!
  5. very nice!!! Enjoy!
  6. Wear it in good health!!

  7. Aww, you gals are so sweet! Thanks! I will wear it to good health! I actually like a little change in my collection!
  8. Thank you bernz! It's lovely that it has a removable shoulder strap..Thanks for posting!
  9. Nice bag! I like the shape & color. I'm like you with the shoulder bags, so the strap would be a very big plus.
  10. very cute! a sweet gift!
  11. Very classy looking bag...nice!
  12. Congrats berz! It is very cute and classic! :biggrin:
  13. I love that colour brown with the black accents! It is a very nice bag...congrats, what a nice present :love:.
  14. Adorable bag, great color and style! Enjoy it!
  15. Attaching pix of my Dooney. I think it was a worthwhile purchase for under $100.
    Dooney 003.jpg
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