New Dooney Florentine Vacchetta Letter Carrier

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  1. I took this pic of Hayden with my iPhone. It's in the current issue of Lucky. I really like this!!! I think Dooney has been improving to more mature styles over the past couple of seasons and I'm liking more of what I see. I owned several DB's when I was in my early 20's but now just have a bag from the Giraffe line (one of their best in my opinon). But I'm thinking I'm going to pick this up soon too. It's on the Dooney website but not in stock until next month.


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  2. omg i want this bag also . Thank you so much for posting this photo b/c i was unsure of how large it was and it is perfect . UGH, I would of liked to walk right into class with it but that is alright it. It will be soon enough. I love the variety of D&B . Now , Is this the chestnut or natural Hayden is holding up. I want it .
  3. Gorgeous! I agree with you, D&B is always catching my eye at Macys!
  4. Very, very nice! Thank you.
  5. I am trying to figure that out myself. But I think it is Natural.
  6. Woah. Hello Dooney. That is fantastic. I'm a little leery of the twill strap but if it's black on the black bag I can probably overlook that. Or if they sell extras :smile: I really like the script logo too.
  7. Mmmmmmmmm, that bag looks glorious.
  8. Wow - that's pretty nice. Too bad I just bought one......I just picked up this one by Fossil (espresso color) for when we're at Disneyland. [​IMG]
  9. That's gorgeous! And the price is great too. But I don't like the twill strap either. Nor am I fond of the fact that the front pockets don't have flap closures, as I like to tuck little things like makeup in cell phone pockets instead of a phone. But it is very, very pretty nonetheless.

    I like the Fossil bag too! :yes:
  10. I like it as well. I don't like the idea of a twill strap though! I think D & B has been really stepping up and improving their styles as of late as there is so much that they've been coming out with that I'd consider!
  11. I saw that ad and had to stare at it for a bit. It IS a great style, but I don't think I can handle baby-ing the vachetta leather.
  12. How is the vachetta leather different? And what sort of care does it need? How do you have to treat it differently? Does it pick up water spots easier than other leathers?
  13. this is nice!
  14. Yeah, I'm not too fond of the twill strap either. I was thinking of finding a nice long gold chain to use on it instead.
  15. I saw it in Lucky too and loved it! Not sure if I'll buy it but it's nice.