New Documentary "Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton"

  1. New Documentary to air Monday into the fascinating glimpse into the designers world. Also new bags for fall next Friday as the has the last slot for the final show at Bryannt Park
  2. I heard it was just the DVD that came out months ago
  3. In Elle magazine it says the Sundance Channel "premieres" a behind the scenes documentary on one of fashion's most influential designers....maybe it will be something new:shrugs:.

    Anyway, it airs at 8pm EST....
  4. Yeah, it said something like that in the New York Post too.

    Too bad I'll be stuck in Math class and won't be able to watch it. :sad::tdown:
  5. ill be at work. crap. anywhere to get it online so far?
  6. I have FiOS TV and just finished watching it on Sundance on-demand, fabulous! It was a never before seen view of his creative process with his own label MJ and LV. I have a new found appreciation on the creation of the nimbus, the polka dot bags, and just how MUCH work went into each creation. Highly recommend! :tup:
  7. ^^^ i watched it too, it was awesome!!! =D
  8. has anyone found it online
  9. i miss it tooo..:crybaby: whre cna i see it? youtube? :confused1:
  10. I just watched it last night, definitely worth the watch. You can watch it on demand on the Sundance Channel and it is available I think until 2/27. If you want you can buy the DVD on Amazon for around $25.
  11. It's showing again Sunday, I am Tivo-ing it. It is also available through
  12. Me too...watched it last night. I was just flipping through the free movies On Demand and found was good.
  13. I tivo'd it...and it really is awesome! I saw it on the Sundance channel. For those who can't see it.. you see runway shows... what goes into making the LE bags for shows...and Marc's inspiration into making the bags.

    They showed how he came up with the idea behind the "buttons bag" (not sure of the name...) What I thought was really interesting was the making of the Tribute bag...and how one of the workers said that she HOPES that bag didn't go into production. It broke many machines...needles...etc to just make it.

    For those who can...check this movie out..VERY interesting!
  14. Great I missed it...thank god for netflix, and tivo...I will find it.