new DIORAMA bag!

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  1. hello dior lovers! i am looking to purchase a diorama bag in a silver chain. i want this to be a casual everyday bag, i am open to color suggestions but from going to the store they seem totally limited in the silver hardware. so i have narrowed it down to the silver diorama with silver chain. i was told this is the classic. but my question is , is it casual/sporty enough to wear everyday. i have a sporty style - ie. yoga gear, sneakers etc.
    if you have any pics of wearing your silver dioramas dressed down that you could share or point me in the right direction where i can see any that would be so helpful. thank you all!
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  2. I think this one goes better with yoga gear and sneakers than the plain leather ones, strangely. Maybe it's because it was seen on Rihanna many times before (she even did one of the Versailles films when this silver version was first introduced), and I find her looks rather sporty.
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  3. Hello everybody. What a beautiful bag. I think it is one of the most wonderful bags which Dior had.
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  4. I think this bag would be great to dress up or down. Maybe you can find some modeling pics under the Diorama thread. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  5. thank you thats a very good point! i think its definitely an option then as an everyday bag. i also saw this red (orangy tint) bag and i really like it too. so im just trying to decide between these two which would be better as a casual everyday bag but still stands out enough! ha
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  6. these are the two im deciding between now!
    diior bag red and silver copy.jpg red silver diorama.jpg
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  7. im really leaning towards the silver as i look at the pics but i did se this beautiful red one that now im trying to decide between. any input !?
  8. I'm a sucker for the perforated micro-Cannage ones because I find them so beautiful, so I recommend that. The red one is really beautiful, though, so you can't really go wrong with either. Which one made a bigger impression on you?
  9. That all silver one is stunning! From the details of the perforated microcanage to the silver chain and silver HW, it just catches and reflects light in such a gorgeous way. It's more young, fresh and vibrant to me. The red is classic and a bold pop of color, but more understated and elegant in comparison to the silver.
  10. thank you for that input i really appreciate it!!
  11. thank you! i also LOVE the microcannage BUT i like the red color more over the silver- just wish the cannage came in this color :sad: so now im stuck deciding between the two differences LOL.
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  12. im planning to purchase this weekend so i will go decide on one and hopefully do a reveal :biggrin:
  13. I like the silver, I think it is unique. I just bought metallic pink diorama. Will you get small size or medium?
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  14. I have thing for red bags right now so that’s a tough choice. I’d still for the silver. Funny these are the 2 you are deciding. My last 2 bag purchases were silver and then red.
  15. I bought the silver a year and a half ago and it’s the most amazing bag!!! :yahoo: I wear it with everything from cocktail wear to super casual wear. This is a partial photo me on a day I wore it shopping. I had on dark navy skinny jeans, a blue multi one shoulder top with just a touch of silver beading and silver sandals.

    RUN don’t walk and get this bag!!!! :loveeyes: A042C0D9-9203-42A5-AB3C-195F3F906EAC.jpeg
    I love red bags and there are many gorgeous ones out there. But, nothing is like the metallic micocannage Diors!!!
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