New Dior webby layout looks fantastic ! :)

  1. u just have to see that i cant describe it ...a few teasers attached ! :yes:

    and some new stuff as well ! yum ! :yahoo:
    cannage.JPG gaucho.JPG jeanne.JPG
  2. OMG!!!! I'm going right now to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i have just established my list of absolute must haves this spring ( meaning i will DIE if i dont get them ) ! another 20 thingies is on the would be delighted to buy but not sure if i can afford list ... here it comes ! :yahoo:

    oh mini dolly set is a must too
    extremeshoes.JPG gaucho bracelet.JPG greywhite2.JPG jeanneshoes.JPG diorsunnies.JPG
  4. :drool::drool::nuts:
    ooooh! thanks nat for posting those pictures up! my wallet is protesting, i'm so dead this spring! and those jeanne bags, yup, definitely on my list now.
  5. Thanks for posting the pics. Off to check out the rest:smile:
  6. oh my - I am excited that I finally got the US website to work - the site looks great - I love that you can watch the summer fashion show on video. :yahoo:
  7. OMG! There is this heart-shaped pouch from the new Trotter Romantique line which is to DIE FOR!!!! And the new Gaucho bag is too amazing to pass up! I love the chainmail and rivet details!!!
    Dior Trotter Romantique heart pouch.jpg Dior Gaucho NEW! 2.jpg
  8. WOW WOW WOW!!

    Have you guys seen the new gauchos? Just FANTASTIC :drool: :nuts:

    I'm glad I'm on a purse ban right now, cause I just might go into the store and impulse buy on so many things that hubby will surely return the bags and me!
  9. I'll have to wait for some of these to get on eBay a year later, but for the time being I'm getting that heart-shaped pouch at the boutiques.
  10. the new gaucho ... i can already see the price ....:heart: :drool: :mad:
  11. :roflmfao: LOL!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

  12. wooohooo !:smile:

    i was always against marriage for financial profits but since i discovered this forum i started caring less about my future husband`s atributes as long as he is filthy rich and encourages me to buy even more bags...:shrugs:
  13. But what if he's fat and monstrously ugly (and even smelly)?!?!?! I mean, the reason why we carry such wonderful bags is to express our unique tastes!!! If we walk out with ugly fat husbands, won't we be reflecting a poor taste in men?!!?!?!?!?!:biggrin:

    Then again the bags that a rich husband can afford will probably make everyone look at the bag instead of at him (so he wouldn't even be noticed!), so maybe that makes up for it! I saw this Hermes Birkin that was made with black crocodile and had REAL diamonds (not rhinestones) on its closure (and a diamond watch as the lock)...that is one of the bags that will make me blind to everything else if I saw it on someone.
  14. ^^ :roflmfao::roflmfao: at all you girls and the comments made!

    i have a housemate who just moved in and the guy is the most obnoxious :censor: i've had the misfortune of meeting (and this is saying a lot since i was flatting with some flatmates from hell last year who would leave the kitchen and the toilet in the most sorry state). anyway, he's definitely definitely REEKING every single day and he talks incredibly loudly on the phone all the time. let's just say this guy is about as repulsive as one can get. BUT, he's currently ENGAGED to some girl and they're about to get married this easter. so as a wedding gift to her, he's going to be buying her some diors and chanels. (i overheard his phone conversation with his sister, instructing her to pick up those bags)

    so there you go, i guess diors & chanels can make a stinking guy "marriage-worthy". :p

    oooh and while lurking in the hermes subforum, the members there often joke about this HK tycoon - Mr (Joseph) Lau, who buys hermes for his personal assistants, mistresses, girlfriends, wife, daughter, well probably any female in his life. and i don't mean just any hermes, but those lush exotic skin ones that cost a limb, lung and liver.

    heh. then again, it's tough also to hide your purchases from a disapproving other half. :sad:
  15. by the looks of that last emoticon, i am guessing the price to be crazy mad. say, 2000pounds mad maybe?