New Dior sunnies !

  1. just got a newsletter.:heart: ..they look fantastic but i dont think i will be able to pull them off ...:crybaby:
  2. hmm.."retractable temples"? what does this infer I wonder?

    When sunglasses get too large, and too black, I sometimes think of those Rx lenses that the elderly wear. I would have to see these IRL to have a solid opinion either way!

  3. you simply HAVE to check them out when ur in NY girl and report back to us !:yes: :nuts:
  4. wow they are HUGE!!! I think im going into the boutique tom so i will see if they are there! x
  5. ^ yeah, me too.
  6. Wow they look hot! But I still love my Glossy 1s more :heart:
  7. omg! i must have those..:drool: do they have like a code number or something?
  8. i think those are "TOO" much. i agree with the whole idea of how they look like Rx glasses
  9. big. I can't wear those :sad: But im sure they will look gorgeous on the right woman :smile:
  10. Dont think i could quite pull them off...they are HUGE!!!!
  11. OMG they are to HOT.
  12. I'm intrigued.
    I have the SKi 1's (which are even bigger, I believe) and they're super comfortable and I love them (or "loved" them, I forgot where I put them so it's not like I actually wear them anymore :p) I'd love to see these irl.
  13. I agree, those are pretty hot. Whoever gets them first, please post pics! :supacool: :nuts:
  14. i checked in my Dior boutique ... they are not there yet :sad::crybaby:
  15. I have to have those. They are hot.:nuts: