New Dior Python Shoes and question...

  1. Hello.

    I just bought these green Dior Python's at Cruise in Edinburgh.

    I love them so, but am afraid to wear them because they seem very fragile. Does anyone know how to care for Python? Is there a treatment you should use before wearing? The only care instruction Dior enclosed was that they do not recommend wearing them for two consecutive days.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i don't know how to care for those shoes, but THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY TDF!!!! :drool::drool:

    congrats on the beautiful shoes!
  3. Thanks Zerodross. I wanted to wear them tonight, but not with the weather we are having here in Edinburgh! :sad:
  4. Congrats on your new shoes. :yahoo: Unfortunately for us, we don't have the best weather for fancy shoes, I also bought white Dior shoes and have been resigned to the fact that i might never wear them outdoors here in the UK. :s
  5. ^lol, I have dior shoes I've never worn outside too :p (actually, I have dior shoes I've never worn at all, but that's a different story :p)

    Lovely pythons, btw!!
  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. The color is amazing.
  7. They are beautiful, Congrats!
  8. I am not lucky enough to own anything python but whoa, those shoes are so beautiful!
  9. Chrystalline, Keya, Rondafaye, Morning Glory and May Day.

    Thank you all very much. I do love them. Can't wait to wear them but I guess I will phone Dior and see if they can advise me about caring for them. I would hate to ruin them on their very first outing.
  10. wow, that is the perfect pump!! it is STUNNING.

    you should buy a can of vectra to protect them from stains works wonders!

    but as for normal wear and tear python isn't really THAT fragile.....i live in texas and you see many python cowboy boots here :lol: ...
  11. Thank you very much.

    The python seems really dry, almost a bit flakey, which is why I am a bit worried.

    I will have a search for the vectra you mentioned.:yes:

  12. Very pretty!

    I have python shoes that are about a year old and they still look as good as the day I got them without any special care. I've worn them probably about 10 times, and I live in NYC and do a lot of walking. Don't worry too much or be afraid to wear them. Enjoy them!