new DIOR makeup..

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  1. i know this is the purse forum..but im sure a lot of u girls would love the dior makeup/skincare collection!

    most of my makeup is from dior and half my skincare is from dior too...recently i went to the counter in macy's and found that they had the GLOSS SHOW!! very very very very NICE sparkling lip gloss! i bought a silverish one to cover over the lipsticks i use from dior and it's PERFECT for clubbing/parties, etc! it really glitters!!

    i also picked up the DIOR HOLIDAY COLLECTION makeup palette for the eyes (limited edition) and for $49, it has 4 + 2 glitter shades!!!!!!

    just thought i'd share with u girls! :graucho:
  2. Dior has WICKED limited edition compacts!! Their Dior Sparkling, Dior Play, Dior Gourmette, and now their Dior Charms (holiday 2006) compact are all so pretty! Although they don't come with much product in them, I love how they look. YSL has been trying to make limited edition compacts too (like bracelet compacts, etc.) but they can't compare because Dior's are too cute and fun!!!

    I also love Dior's 5-shadow!
  3. I am so happy that they brought this back:
  4. ^ Totaally Agree
  5. I agree. I was at the Dior counter last night and they have several new Holiday and limited compacts. So nice.
  6. I loove Dior!!
  7. I really like Dior too but their skincare line makes me break out! I had no idea that it was causing me to break out until I decided to switch to Cetaphil facial cleanser and Chanel eye cream as well as day and night mosturizer and saw my face clear up to its usual self..thank god!
  8. je t'aime dior..............
  9. I love Dior make-up.
  10. I love dior makep and I hope that they stock that lipgloss over here in the UK
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