New Dior Ltd Ed Detective compact

  1. That IS cute !

    Not as cute as the dice that I didn't buy, and will forever kick myself for not buying. :sad:
  2. I got the Princess Ring a couple of years ago, and that was realy cute and girly too. I wish I could buy two of these Dior compacts, one to use and one to keep - they are so special!
    I got the eyeshadow corset set 3 years ago (my first one), and that was v cool too.
  3. That's a pretty compact.
  4. My mom got me the dice, I don't use it though..its like a weapon! Sharp edges and heavy!
  5. How is the actual product inside? Does it give you a decent glow?
  6. Hi

    It actually goes in two colours and it gives you a matt finish .. a really cute glow ... its so cute ...
  7. Thanks kimmy! I'll have to look for it tomorrow at the mall.