new dior logo denim bags......

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  1. eluxury now has available the new dior logo denim bags......
    i love dior and all but not quite sure i like this new line.....
  2. no i'll pass. i'm waiting for the slouchy saddle bag...
  3. No I do not like this at all. It looks cheap.
  4. The Orange really doesn't work! That kills it for me.

    And what is up with all the denim bags? They are ugly. Here is another Dior denim bag that makes me sick:


    I didn't realize it was 1989 - that shade of denim has been dead for a while.
  5. Dior either looks really good or really bad. I do have some of their bags but some I want to turn my head at.
  6. I agree - they really take risks with their bags and are always trying out new designs. It's s shame that they can't be as divine as this:
  7. i haven't seen a great dior bag i really really want in a loooong time.
    i used to love dior, but now....this is just bad.
  8. much nicer.....

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  9. Don't like the color... :suspiciou
  10. I don't like the orange either, it looks funny.
  11. I'm not crazy about the idea of a denim bag. The first time some schmoe bumps against you and spills his mondo-latte-with-2-extra-shots, your bag is kaput.
  12. Fayden and jc2239, me too! Love that brown one.
  13. it looks like a dior wannabe-birkin, and not a good interpretation at all ..
  14. I do like the dark denim monogram print. But the shape of the bag is all wrong, and as I said before the orange is terrible.
  15. I never like Dior bags, i always hv this feeling that their look doesnt last and a bit pricey for such bags.