New Dior bags at Neiman Marcus

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I am ashamed to say that nothing is really grabbing me and that is very unusual :shame:
  3. Site down atm....
  4. PASS on all..i might bet tempted by this one though when it hits the stores...
    77158719.jpg 77158839.jpg
  5. I'm not all that keen about any of it either
  6. :drool: I love the flap buckle thing!!!

  7. i think they wont be in for a good while though...OMG 1 day til Paris are you excited and prepared ! ? :nuts:
  8. yes Nat .. im will be off tomorrow morning .... not really exicited but just hoping the weather will be nice for the weekend!!
  9. OMG! The samourai and the bag from the cruise looks great!! love it, but the price is tooooo expensive
  10. ya, i like the flap
  11. I love the clutch.
  12. :sad: None of them are my cup of tea which is strange.
  13. none of them is really distinctive and creative, i think Dior needs desperately a big hit idea, just like gaucho was...:s