New Dior Bag...More info Please!!! (Dior Lily bag)

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  1. I just saw this new Dior bag on Olivia Palermo and all it says is new Dior bag unreleased...Can anyone please give me more information??? I think I'm in love!!!! Olivia-Palermo-Dior-Mini-Satchel.jpg
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  2. This bag was introduced for Fall 2016 and was renewed for Resort 2017. I don't know the name of the bag, but given that it was featured in 2 runway presentations, I'm sure it will be in a boutique soon.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Thanks so much for the info Joe!!! I can't wait to see this one in person as it's the perfect size & shape and it zips!!! Sorry this one has me so excited!!!
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  4. Pictures from the Dior Resort 2017 show featuring this bag:
    And a picture from PurseBlog:
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  5. My understanding is that this bag is called the Lily and that is should start hitting the boutiques sometime in August. No info on the price unfortunately as this one has piqued my interest as well. Also, from the photos I saw, it is unclear if the lambskin ones come with a strap as the photos had the python and ostrich with the straps alongside. I am afraid to get my hopes up as the photo of Olivia Palermo had me drooling....
  6. Don't have any info. It's so beautiful :flowers:
  7. Wow! This is a beautiful design. I love this bag and am very interested in it too. I was contemplating a medium Diorama and I also like Diorever, but I'd choose this bag over both of those, I think.
  8. I like it too! But I feel like it looks very different without the quilting
  9. I agree & like the quilting better :smile:
  10. More pictures of this new bag, from Instagram (by DiorDaisySung)
    Untitled 2.jpg Untitled.png
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  11. Thanks so much for the new pictures :smile: I just got back from a shopping trip in NYC and hear this gorgeous bag is called the Lily bag and in Lambskin will come in black, red, russet with black handles, rose poudre, & hyper silver!!!
  12. Thank you for the info. I will start a new Reference Library Thread using that name.

    Hyper Silver is VERY silver. It looks like a mirror!
  13. I love this bag!!!
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  14. Oh I'm so glad I put my name down for rose poudre then! I wanted silver hardware so I had put my name down for hyper silver but then worried it might be too much and switched!
  15. One for me please!
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