New Dilemna - Sorta

  1. Ok so Dh and I have compromised that I am allowed to get one Chanel per quarter - so that is 4 a year - depending of course I like what is out and the price range is less that 3500 each. Or he said I can substitute and get other brands - basically I am at a limit of four bags a year - aniversary, valentine's day, bday and xmas. And I am perfectly fine with that considering that is very generous and I currently am not working (trying hard to have a Harley Jr - wish me luck) - and then he put a twist and said if I didn't buy the four bags - for the price total - next XMAS i could get a Hermes - would you do it???
  2. wow, I think that is very generous!
    No, I wouldn't do it personally. I don't like Hermes bags Hon, sorry!
    I would like a Bottega though!:yes:
    Or maybe other Hermes small leather goods:shrugs: there's just not a bag I like from them yet.
  3. Hm, well it depends what kind of Hermes, if its an exotic skin Birkin then YES, but if not then I think I'll stick to the four bags a year, its much more fun that way!
  4. if you love Hermes and want a Birkin then I would definitely do that instead....BUT doesn't sound like he said anything about SMALL items, right? so to tide you could always get costume jewelry, wallets, etc. for your Chanel fix and then get a Birkin!
  5. I would personally go with 4 Chanels- I'm just not that into Hermes. Pretty sweet deal for you either way!
  6. ditto!
  7. wow, that's very generous of ur dh :yes:
    i honestly prefer 4 chanel than 1 hermes
  8. I should probably post this on the Hermes site but do any of you own one? I mean it is a classic and is difficult to get - not sure if a birken or a kelly is worth it just to have. I don't know how I would wear it - four Chanels is enticing or maybe I could just get one or two expensive Chanels - it is a wait and see but he put the idea in my head and Hermes was always the unattainable. But I don't know if it truly is worth its reputation - I mean it must be but I don't know what to do ...
  9. Nothing is classic enough just to have IMO.
    If you love a Birkin or Kelly or other Hermes bag, you should TOTALLY go for it! But not 'just to have one' IMO. You probably won't wear it if that's the reason you choose one.
  10. wow your hubby is so sweet to learn all the names of those bags so that you guys can communicate about them..

    to my hubby, a bag is a bag... and he cant tell between BV or hermes..

    and finally, go for 4 chanels!! at least that would be what i'd do instead of 1 hermes..

  11. For some reason I thought you had a Hermes? I have a BV already - and they don't cost as much as four Chanels put together ... I bought the BV ball bag and it is a superb bag - it was around 2000 dollars when I got it in Hong Kong ... I guess I could look into more exotic skins with Chanel and settle for one bag but I would never use that either - I just don't see myself with a croc or a python bag ... maybe I should just forgo all the bags and replace some of the jewelry that was stolen from me ... they took a Cartier love bangle - that alone is the price of two bags ...
  12. I would definitely get the four Chanels a year than one Birken. Chanels have sex appeal. Imo, they are the epitome of the finer things in life. If you don't see a Chanel that you just gotta have, than go for the jewely.
  13. Oh thats a hard choice!!! What a perfect husband!!!
  14. Well...everyone is assuming she only wants a Birkin. Are there any other styles besides the Birkin and Kelly that you are familiar with? There are some that are lovely styles that may appeal more to you than just the 'wow' factor of getting a Birkin.
    One appeal of Hermes is that you can find just about any combination of leather/color in a style, if you prefer sturdier leathers or smoother leathers...etc...and if you prefer raisin or rose shocking or even potiron!

    I do love Chanel AND Hermes, it would be a tough decision for me, but I have a goal of acquiring a Lindy (Hermes aviator bag) so that is what I immediately would choose. However, I don't own any Chanel either and would like to get an XL flap someday along with some smaller clutches and whatnot.

    So really, what are you goals? Are there many Chanels that you want still? It sounds like you have been wanting an Hermes and so you may want to peek around and see what you can find - if nothing else appeals to you than the 4 bags a year offer is quite amazing too!
  15. double ditto! I can already think of 4 chanels that I would get... no, wait, I can think of 6 chanels that I would get straight off the bat! Your are SO lucky!