New dilemma: Mahattan GM & Cherry Blossom Papillon

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  1. I asked my mom for belated new year gift and she said ok, so I picked LV. :yahoo: The thing is I don't know which one to choose b/w Mahattan GM & Cherry Blossom Papillon.

    I love the size of Manhattan because I have lots of stuffs to carry. However, the fact that the CB papillon is LE (which is hard to find in new condition) is really attract me. My sis said she'll be able to find me CB papillon in new condition if I want, so I'm kinda drool.:drool:

    I said to my mom that I like big bag and I may choose Mahattan, she said I have many big bags (i.e BH, noe, viva cite PM, Tulum GM) already and I should have another styles. Talking about style, I have a yellow soufflot and mono papillon 26 as well, and the fact that the CB papillon has the similar size as papillon 26 really kills me.:sweatdrop:

    What do you think? TIA :confused1: :confused1:
  2. CB all the way. those bags are GORGEOUS!
  3. I'd absolutely go fo rthe CB you can get the manhattan anytime but the CB is geting older and harder to find in good condition
  4. New year gift??? Never heard of that...congrats. BTW, I would choose the CB papillon.;)
  5. DEF. CB! NO question whatsoever.
  6. Cherry Blossom Papillon!
    It's one of my "Most Wanted".
  7. Cherry Blossom Papillon
  8. In my country, we aren't normally celebrate X'mas as much as new year. That's why I will get the new year gift...:p
  9. Can I come to your country?!;) You lucky gal!
  10. Cb Cb Cb!
  11. Limited over regular issue anyday, so CB. The Manhattan will be there for you later, and the CB is lovely - you won't regret it!
  12. I'll be the odd girl out and say Manhattan - I'm in love with that bag..
  13. I have many big LV bags too!! Go for Manhattan GM- a great looking bag!!
  14. I personally prefer the Manhattan- but then again I've never been a fan of Cherry Blossom.
  15. Me too, but you can always get it, so I guess I'd go for the CB first....:yes: