New Diamond Hoops!

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  1. #1 Jun 1, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
    I've been wanting approx 1" diamond hoops for a while but couldn't decide exactly what kind. I had a pair of costume earrings I always wore and loved. So, decided to have my jeweler make them in diamonds and YG. While they weren't exact replicas, as I had hoped/expected, after several tweaks, I love them!! So hard to capture them in the photos.

    And many thanks to some amazing tPFers who guided me in choosing the right diamonds!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464836631.617386.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464836648.267758.jpg

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  2. Wow.. Those aRe really unique and very beautiful... They look great on you!!
  3. Very pretty!
  4. Damn did it and they came out PERFECT! ❤️
    They really do look fabulous on you...great size!

  5. Thank YOU for all of your guidance Skyqueen!! I wish you could see how sparkly they are from the photos. I'm very pleased...

  7. so pretty! enjoy
  8. Gorgeous! Well done for going outside the box, I love seeing different designs, very refreshing for tpf!
  9. They are beautiful and look fantastic on you!
  10. Very pretty!
  11. Very pretty, they will wear well with everything.
  12. Love them! Great idea.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Thank you all so much! I really adore them and have been wearing them a ton! I was so set on plain, WG diamond hoops but couldn't decide on how large, etc. A month or so later I was wearing my fake flower hoops (like these) and decided it was time to have them made in YG and diamonds! Am pleased with the results and appreciate all of your kind words!
  15. Those are really neat!