New developments on Lou Perlman

  1. Remember Lou Perlman? He managed boy bands like the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and LFO?

    The Backstreet Boys were the first band to sue Pearlman because they felt their contract, under which Pearlman collected as both manager and producer, was unfair. Fellow boy band *NSYNC had similar issues with Pearlman and soon followed suit. According to VH1's 100 Most Shocking Rock & Roll Moments, Pearlman and BMG claimed nearly all of the $300 million dollars *NSYNC had made from record, tour, and merchandise sales. This left only $7 million dollars for the five members of the band. Frustrated, *NSYNC attempted to leave RCA and sign with competitor Jive Records, a migration which Pearlman hoped to prevent with legal action. Both BMG and Pearlman's lawsuit and the countersuit filed by *NSYNC were settled out of court.


    No Strings Attached (by *NSYNC) was a reference to their split from Lou Perlman.

    Later on, Aaron Carter sued Perlman filed a lawsuit in 2002 that accused Pearlman and Trans Continental Records of cheating him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and of racketeering for a deliberate pattern of criminal activity. The suit was later settled out of court. Carter once again took Pearlman to court in 2006; the outcome is unknown


    Perlman was arrested in January of this year for defrauding his investors.

    Now, in this month's Vanity Fair magazine, there's an article about Perlman, exposing him as a pedophile.

    It's nine pages long, so I won't post the entire thing. But here's a link:
    (The first few pages talk about the rise in his career. The allegations start on page 4.)

    Can I just say that, although I couldn't put my finger on it, I always thought there was something funny about him? You know, other than the fact that he's greedy?
  2. To think that guys in *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, LFO and anyone else who worked with him had to put up with that is just awful!
  3. That is so horrible. I remember knowing all about him when I was a huuuuuuuuge BSB fan back in the day never thinking he was anything like this!!
  4. And people wonder why Britney Spears is a mess? These people were CHILDREN who were preyed upon by greedy parents and predatory show biz types. All anyone has to do is read about the life of Judy Garland and that will tell you anything you need to know. When kids are put in the entertainment business, people just seem to think that it will be "different" for them. Unfortunately this is like continuing to put money in a jukebox and hoping it will play a different tune- which it does not...
  5. I wonder if the translation of that means "the outcome is still being negotiated," or "we are watching one element of the outcome unfold right now," or both...
  6. I read that the other day. It's awful! What baffled me though were some of the parents saying they thought something was going on.. but why didn't they do anything to get their child out of that situation?
  7. Whenever there are large amounts of money involved, priorities and judgment can be impacted in ways that they might not be otherwise.
  8. These kind of parents don't care, the kid a just a paycheck to them. They are blinded by greed & fame. Low awareness levels.
  9. Thanks so much for posting. What a well-written article, gripping reading. I hope he never gets out of prison. The allegations of pedophilia were not nearly as revealing as all the evidence of his pyramid, Ponzi schemes, and bank fraud.
  10. Hearing anything about him makes me sick but I'm glad he was caught. His company transcontinentaltalent (renamed many times) scammed me and my parents (I was a minor) of thousands of dollars a few years ago:sad: There was no way we could get any of it back and it was a hassle cancelling our contracts with them. It was really upsetting because I had such low self esteem and suddenly I thought "wow a modelling agency think I'm pretty etc etc" only to find out they say that to almost everyone to get their money. It really was the most legit-looking well planned scam out there. The media somewhere quoted it as "the world's biggest talent scam". And it went on for years and years..