New Detox water!!!

  1. I found some water at morrisons yesterday, it's called detox and has milk thistle and lemon in it. Tastes really nice, not sure how good it is at shiftin those toxins though. They do two others but I can't remember exactly what those ones were for. They have a site, i'll just see if I can find it....
  2. Your body detoxifies on it's own. That's what the excretory system is designed to do.
  3. Detox water? ...I can't imagine anything that has anything added to it could detox.

    I'll stick to regular H2O
  4. Milk Thistle is an herb that is excellent for cleansing the liver. It works by boosting your liver's ability to rid the body of toxins. I assume that's why it's called detoxify?
  5. Yes it does say that its the milk thistle that clears the liver. There are lots of things you can put in water that help detox the body, just because its added doesn't mean it won't detox. I think honey is one of things you can use and lemon is great for helping flush out the body
  6. If our bodies were swimming with toxins like those who market these products would have us believe, do you honestly think we would be alive? Charles is absolutely right. Our excretory system eliminates anything remotely toxic in our body. All of this New Age naturopathic stuff about the body being full of toxins is nonsense. I'll stick with regular old water.
  7. hmm, milk thistle is good for hangovers.. maybe that water is too :lol:
  8. lol, milk thistle must be one of those wonder products that helps with everything. My grandma always recommends vinegar for everything lol
  9. :tup: :yes:
  10. Morrisons!!!!!??? :wtf::wtf: