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  1. I'm not sure where to put this post, but I need some input, and I figured the purse blog would definately be the place to go.

    I have recently started designing and making purses (no bought/downloaded patterns, these are completely from scratch how I want them to look), and I was wondering how they might sell.
    If you saw a place that produced small quantities of original designs, would you, as a purse lover, jump on it, or shrug it off as crap because the name is not well known? I only make approximately 5-10 of each pattern/material combination, and plan on using that as my sales edge, they're very limited edition. I am a designer, but I'm not a "high demand" designer.. so would that matter? I only plan on selling them for $25-$30 a piece, would that be fair? Most of them are reversible, so it's also a 2-in1 deal. I appreciate any and all input.. but please keep it nice :o)
  2. If I liked the designs and they are practical and good quality I'd be tempted. Sometimes it's nice to know you've got something 'original' rather than 'high end/ well known'. I'm assuming for that price the bags are fabric?
  3. That sounds like an exciting enterprise. It is a tough question to answer in the abstract, but speaking for myself, I am always interested in new designers, so certainly don't dismiss them if I haven't heard of them - if anything, I am more interested in those I don't know. However, it is all about the bag for me - if it doesn't work for me in terms of appearance and function, I will pass. Lots of luck with your project!
  4. ITA! In addition to appearance and function, the quality is very important to me!:supacool: Good Luck!
  5. You have an audience here that buys bags anywhere from the $5-2500 range. We may buy expensive bags at times but many of us also like what I call 'little cheapo but cutie' bags, especially for summer and just for fun.

    Show us some photos of your bags and ask for honest opinions of the ladies here. They will give you advice on size and styling that could help your enterprise.

    Look at any comments as critism designed to HELP you in your venture, not a personal assault.

    Now show us your stuff.
  6. ^
    Would that be apropriate according to forum rules now that this post is made?
  7. [​IMG]
    Sorry for the big pics. Also.. the look I was trying to achieve is cute, rather than sleek or posh. They are made of fabric, I'm not daring enough to try leather yet lol. The small purses have zippered pockets on the inside, and most of the messenger bags are "open" on the inside, and reversible.
  8. I think so Liberte as she is not advertising as much as asking our opinions on things.

    I am sure the mods will stop any kind of advertising if it occurs. She can always buy an ad from Megs if she wishes.
  9. peb, my daughter makes messenger bags (she is 20) for all of her friends at college and they look alittle like your style. They love them and use them to carry books.

    Your bags are nice and I would think you could sell them in, perhaps, small boutiques around college campuses or high schools. Keep in mind though that stores like to DOUBLE their prices to make a profit. Ask yourself if your bags would retail at double what you are paid for them.

    You could also try craft fairs where the space is not too expensive or perhaps flea market booths. There you can charge your essentially wholesale price with no problem. That is a start.

    Your black backpack with the skull is cool.
  10. Cute.
    good luck to you.
  11. Thanks for all your input :o)
    My "target market" is more of the younger college kids, and I live in a college town, so I think the flea market/festivals sounds great.. thank you all again :o)
  12. Hi, your bags are cute. As suggested, selling at craft fairs is an excellent idea. Have you heard of Etsy?

    You could sell your bags there, you'll have to pay for listing your bags.

    Good luck!