New Designer LeSportsac Line?

  1. OK, so Macy's had new LeSportsacs in that drew my eye....until I noticed they weren't Toki's! They had these new purses that looked JUST LIKE the Familgia print, except it was green and purple with little high heel shoes and other things in the circles all over it. It said it was by some designer, but I can't remember his name. And no, I wasn't bright enough to snap a pic of it!
    Anyone know about this line? I don't see it on It's OK looking, but a bit too similar to Toki, but in a weird, bizarro, non-original way, which made me wonder if LeSportsac is trying it's best to keep the party going. Anyone else see these at the store? TIA!
  2. i know which print you are talking about. it was pin... something... it was just that one print, not a new line.
  3. It was pictopop and it was designed by some architect I think, I forgot his name. But it was only that one print as far as I know, and the lesportsac site has already stopped selling it.
  4. yes, pictopop. thanks...
  5. The pictopop print grew on me so when I was at Macys last week they still had it so I picked up a cosmetic case.
  6. The Hawaii LSS store in Ala Moana Shopping Store still has Pictopop! And FYI the designer is Anders Wenngrenn (sorry not sure of last name spelling maybe I put too many same letters).
  7. The classic LSS line has had the "artist edition" idea around for awhile, it's not a new line. Before Anders Wengren/Pictopop, the artist edition print was Fafiness. The tags say "artist edition" right on them. Before that it was a white pattern with hand-drawn cartoon looking girly stuff (sorry, can't rememeber the pattern/artist name).
  8. O:huh:oh there's a new second print by Anders Wenngren that I saw tonight, cute like Pictopop but a little less repetitive looking and the colors are a little brighter. Sorry I didn't snap a picture, probably should have snuck one cause I was all alone in that time I will!