new designer - Kenji Ikeda


    please check this link and look at the pics shown at the bottom. i know the article is in Chinese, sorry. but this is a new designer i haven't heard of before. they have absolutely gorgeous bags in my opinion. i went to the local store to check them out, the leather is really thick and supple. love it.

    has anyone heard of it or have their bags by any chance?

    what do you think of the stylings?
  2. Thanks for sharing, snowtire - haven't heard of this designer before.
  3. Havent heard of him but the purple one looks cute...
  4. I really like them! I remember seeing a couple on eBay a year ago, and I was like "what is this brand?", they styles are definitely unique. ARe they sold in the U.S.?
  5. I like them!Thank you!
  6. hehe, tresorchic, the first 5 pics (on the bottom) are of this designer, the purple one you think is cute is actually this season's Botkier! ;) you could check them out on
  7. wow, really!? good to know that this brand has been out for at least a year and is still growing strong - tapping the Taiwanese market.

    i'm not sure about its availibity in the U.S. though, sorry hon~
  8. I have the moni moni bag that paris hilton is holding and that is on the bottom of the page too. its great and such awesome leather. they sell them at Aloha ver smooshy and i love it, IMHO
  9. the bags are gorgeous!
  10. Hi there, I was searching Kenji Ikeda and came across this wonderful site. I have registered and decided, hey ! why not sapm ya !

    Forget it I got banned.
  11. The name sounds really familliar - but I can't seem to recall where I first saw this from!

    Thanks for the article snowtire! I can read it :graucho:
    Now I know another site where I can look for new fashion trends!
  12. His bags look very nice, I like them.
  13. Those bags are seriously cool! I love the white one! Wants it...
  14. thanks gals~ it's fun to come across new brands/designers and do the little background research and then share them with you lovely ladies on the TPF.

    since joining i've been introduced to many cool indie brands that aren't available in Taiwan, so it's only fair for me to introduce some of my own discoveries in return. ;)
  15. gorgeous bags.

    gilly- I loveeeeeee the bags you carry. I am contemplating getting the Piatonna Grable. I thinks its so beautiful!!!