New designer Katherine Kwei

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  1. Jennifer Lopez has been photographed carrying her bags -- what do you think?
  2. I don't like
  3. Those 2 particular bags are really not for me. Don't really like the ruching.
  4. I actually don't mind the first one. I've never seen a "Chinese eternity knot" purse before. Kinda weird, but interesting. I wouldn't buy it for $900 though.
  5. not liking it...
  6. I think these are interesting. It sorta reminds me of the Botkier skeleton, even though they're nothing alike. I just get the same kinda feeling. Where can you get her stuff?
  7. She has a website and I think they have a list of online and regular stores that carry them.
  8. As much as the fact that I am glad that a Chinese designer has made it through to a mainstream market - I love the Chinese eterneity knot idea but I don't like how they turn out in the bags...

    Not to mention the pricetag - ouch! There is no way I am buying strands of leather tied together in a knot for 900+, heck I can do that by getting leather strands myself!

    I would buy it if it was 90% off hahah