New designer is giving away a free bag

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  1. One of my favorite designers is giving away a one of their highly praised 360 bags (after I just bought one):sad: . I think you just visit there website and sign up under giveaway. Heres the link
  2. Only for the 100th person who signs up! Oh well... Thanks!
  3. I signed up. Thanks!
  4. They are really nice. There hasnt been a day that I havent been stopped by an onlooker wanting to touch it! Some one even asked was it a Tommy bag because of the colors. I replied with Tommy is canvas this is all Italian leather hon!
  5. thanks for the info..........signed up and crossed my fingers. they are nice.
  6. Thanks. I signed up. Good luck to all of well as myself, of course.
  7. I signed up too. Hopefully I will get one. Please post it if you get it.
  8. Thanks, I signed up also, hopefully all of us will be the lucky to get it. I will let u know if I am the choosen one.
  9. I think its a good idea. It shows the confidence that they have in their product by offering a free bag. To me that says "We've created a quality bag and we're confident enough to let you try it before buying."
  10. Just signed up.. crossing fingers! hope someone from TPF gets it.
  11. i just signed up also. I hope I win because I have never won anything.
  12. yes please post if you win I would love to for someone on here to be able to back me up about how great it is
  13. I hope I win it! thanks for posting it!
  14. Thanks. I just signed up..hope to touch the real one soon! hehe
  15. I signed up too!