New Designer I really like -- Modus Rio by Basically Brazil

  1. I stumbled across a lovely blog about handbags and purses, In scrolling through, I saw a gorgeous bag by a designer I had never heard of, Modus Rio by Basically Brazil.

    Here are two of Sara's bags (these are the two I plan to buy). Her bags are in the $300 range. Anyway, just wanted to share. The purple looks like suede, but is actually a distressed leather. The burgundy patent, I think, is yummy.

    I liked these and thought I would share.


  2. They are really nice. I love the patent.
  3. Those bags are awesome. I love the lavender for spring. Where can I take a look at the entire line of bags?
  4. the patent is wonderful!
  5. Wow, that purple bag is gorgeous! I totally thought it was suede and was gonna nix it too until you pointed it out..
  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful bags!
  7. I really like that lavender/purple bag! :drool:
  8. what amazing colors. good find!
  9. Thanks! I like the website you mentioned as well.
  10. i really like your taste! i think we like similar styles and the more obscure brands:yes:
  11. love the shade of red on the patent bag
  12. I'm just going to follow you around and let you find things, Rondafaye!
  13. That sounds fun!
  14. Rondafaye, both those bags are pretty -- the colors are yummy! Please give us a full report on the leather & quality when you buy them. And thanks for the tip -- I never heard of them before, but I looked on their website and loved their belts!