New Designer: Fall 2007: Brianna Accessories

  1. I received this link tonight from a friend who knew I would be interested in checking out bags from a new designer. The site isn't up and running yet for shopping, but it's a nice preview of some of the bags from the line. No info on pricing yet either...

    I definitely like the overall look of the leather, and each bag in the collection seems to have a different aesthetic... woven, braids, bows, etc.

    Check out the link below to Brianna Accessories...
  2. I like the Brianna too, though I think I like this one a little better. It's called the Elrhone. Check out the gorgeous handles!!!

    Picture 2.jpg
  3. So cute! Thank yo so much! I emailed her to possibly carry the line in my store. Good work!
  4. ;)
  5. Beautiful! I really like the Elrhone and the Katherine. Any idea when the site and prices/ordering will be fully up?
  6. Very Nice!!

  7. I love Elrhone's handles too, but I am not sure what that piece of croissant shape leather is for. lol....
  8. Bump! It looks like the shopping section is up and running!

    Has anyone ordered anything?
  9. I keep wondering about that too! It looks VERY strange in that photo.
  10. ^Cool, thanks for sharing. Geez, I'd love to be the guinea pig here and try one of these bags... but I need to seriously pay off my last Bbag first... :cry:
  11. If you get one of these let us know
  12. hmm very nice!!
  13. You can buy those at Shop Kick It now also