new design of the zoe at the outlet

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  1. maybe this has already been addressed. Did anyone notice the new zoe at the outlet? I was at the Jeffersonville, Ohio outlet last night and they had a black large and medium zoe called the convertible zoe. It looks a little like the other zoes except it has two straps, a shorter strap and a removable longer strap. I asked a sa about the price and he said that for now they were regular price of $498. He said they will get cheaper and he didn't know what other colors they would come in. If anyone else has seen them and have asked about them, could you share any information you received from the sa about what colors they will come in and when they will be on the floor? I think I want one of these.
  2. lol, it does sound like her "surgery". I didn't notice last night. Should be interesting to see one of these.
  3. Personally I won't pay $498 for a MFF bag. Am I wrong for that?
  4. I wouldn't pay $498 for a MFF bag either but he did say that they will be cheaper. I wonder if they will be part of the new floorset? I'm sure they will be alot cheaper then.
  5. I agree! That's alot of money!
  6. No spy pics? I'm interested in seeing this... maybe they will come down significantly.
  7. I was at the outlet a couple of days ago and the SA was showing me the picture of it, don't know what other colors, though it's supposed to be part of the March lineup...
  8. Sounds like a great idea, but not for anything like $498! I'd honestly never pay that for an MFF bag, but then I wouldn't often pay that for a FP bag either unless it's something extraordinary. Besides, since when does the outlet ever charge the full "factory price"?
  9. That really does sound like Michi's idea! Crazy!
  10. I'll keep my Original Zoe's...Thats alot of $$$$!!!!
  11. I saw the redesigned black leather Zoe today. It looks just like the Zoe except it does not have the buckle hardware on the sides. It does have a shorter strap and a removable longer strap.
  12. Zoe's are cute and all ( I have 2 and love them), however i would NEVER pay $498 for a factory bag.
  13. Only spy pic I got recently was of the new patchwork design... that was it /shrugs/
  14. Um, ugh. $498? For a factory bag? Even with the 20% off...

    No thanks.