New design: Galleria Saffiano leather bag

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  1. 159817FB-8B95-4FAA-8E68-D2DFE034D52C.png 8A0334EB-0715-49DD-B2E9-332AFF081C70.png i haven’t seen anyone post about the revamped Galleria Saffiano bag. What are our thoughts on it? The design/price? Do you prefer the classic design or this newer version?
  2. I prefer the shape/design on the classic :smile: And by the looks of it, this new design has the same measurements as the medium classic but cost as much as the maxi classic :amazed:

    Currently the prices of the classic on the UK website are:
    Maxi (1BA802) £1,990
    Large (1BA786) £1,850
    Medium (1BA274) £1,770

    Revamped/new version:
    (1BA232) £1,990
  3. Yes! I went and saw it in person a few weeks ago. The classic still has my heart. The increase in price for minimal difference was enough to turn me off.