new depths of PF addiction........

  1. this place is sooooo majorly addictive.......if it wasn't bad enough that i'm on here constantly instead of studying, now i have 4 PF windows open so i can browse the various subforums simultaneously!!! :wacko::blink:.......i need help :Push:
  2. I'm just a bad! I'm on all the time! (I only have two windows open right now, though!):biggrin: hee hee!
  3. I hear both of you ... with having DSL my pc stays on 24/7 so i've always got the PF up in a window or two..
    Its attactive (blushes)
  4. Hehee well I'm getting addicted too... I use Firefox so I just open a bunch of PF tabs all at the same time hehe... I'm bad :lol: I should be studying!!! :suspiciou
  5. I have the same problem. I have gotten a lot of studying done but I still have a lot to do. Right now I should be working on my project for my on-line class but I just can't get motivated to finish it right now!
  6. I know what you mean. I had an hour before my finals and I was on here.
  7. I do the same.. while using firefox :amazed:

  8. Me too!!!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I am always on, you will always see me log in!:shame: I love this place, it's like I never get bored from it.

  9. You guys are addicted. :lol:
  10. Love the tabs! One window with 20 tabs in it!
  11. I with you completely!
  12. Wow, you all are really addicted!!!!
  13. glad to know i'm not the only one.....i was beginning to think i was crazy :blink:
  14. Man.....I never thought of that, I'm just clickin back and forth like crazy!!! I'm to mesmorized to think that I could have actually had more than one PF going at once!!! Well...... here I go!!!!!!!!
  15. Hahaha jc youre so cute! Dont worry Ive had a couple windows open at a time too :shame: If I flunk out of college I blame PF! lol JK. But there needs to be like a PF Rehab LOL

    Firefox has tabs!? How do I set up this wonderful feature?! I swear. . .like over half of my day is devoted to PF :shame: Must study. . .jc how many finals do you have left? I have one more tomorrow, must study!