New Denim Spy - whatcha think?

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  1. Hi all, just wondering what you think about the new Denim spy bag on elux:

    I really don't like the new blue jean bag trend, but this one sort of intrigues me. It's like I'm supposed to hate everything about it - stonewashed (yuck), very busy (yuck), over the top 80s style, SO expensive for a bag not even made of leather. But I sort of love it. Too bad I don't have 3K lying around!;)
  2. I am always a little iffy with denim bags. What do you wear it with denim jeans? Then they have to be similar color denim. But then you look tacky cause you are all denim? I am not a big fan of denim.
  3. It's cute, but I'd rather have a leather one !
  4. Ditto to ayla.
  5. I like it.. how many different Spys are there??? Seems like a LOT!
  6. nice, but i wouldn't buy it.
  7. I like the look of that one better than the other Spy's. I don't care for them much.
    However, I would NEVER pay that much money for Denim. Just like the LV line.
    I like them BUT.....I just cannot wrap my mind around the price vrs materials....
  8. I like the leather one better..
  9. I like this one much better then many of the other models...

  10. Are they going to start making spys out of anything? tableclothes? curtains? carpeting? astroturf? eeek.
  11. Haha Greenie, an astroturf Spy *would* be something to see. And I totally agree with you guys about not paying this much cash for denim. But I still say that there's something intriguing about this bag...until I see it on Paris Hilton's arm, THEN it's dead to me.
  12. i like the white or honey a lot better
  13. Uh-oh. Scroll down - fourth picture from the top.

    There's two more on the next page.
  14. eww. paris always ruins everything.

    just ask nicole richie.
  15. Cute but I like the leather one better.