New Denim Items -- pics from Rakuten!

  1. Hi, thought some of us here would like to see pics of the new denim stuff!


    Zipped Compact?

    Pochette Cles:
  2. And I have no idea what the below are called :nuts:

    Some sort of fanny pack?

    And some sort of small messenger/reporter:

    I do kind of like the last one but doing some YEN-->CAD conversion and taking some $$$ off for the price difference I don't know if I want to spend around $1000 CAD for such a small bag :sweatdrop:

  3. YEAHH!!! I love the cles and zippy wallet!

    Thanks for posting Karman!
  4. Oh and there are the LVOE totes too...the violet satin is stunning but fragile looking and price tag still not justified :sweatdrop:


  5. I hope the denim isn't misaligned on the zippy wallet like it is in that picture! :sad:
  6. Oh I like that zippy wallet :smile: uff finally they released DEnim wallet, mmm but just wonder how to use it daily without make it faded :confused1:
  7. And here's the East/West PM...kinda cute but I really can't see myself carrying something like this around. Maybe if I never saw the cheap $1 versions of this all over Hong Kong I would though :p

  8. Hmmm good point Crystal! I didn't even notice that! I wonder why LV made it that way?
  9. I was planning to get the cles, but it just isn't calling me in that pic. :sad:
  10. oooh thanks for the pics! I really like the cles...its so cute!
  11. I think you'll get a change of mind when you see it IRL... when I saw it in the Look Book, I knew automatically I wanted it. But now that I saw this pic of it on Rakuten, it looks different. Can't wait to see it IRL though!

    Thanks for posting Karman! :nuts:

    Edited to add: The denim bags are cute!!! I don't do fanny packs, but I'd rock the Rift-looking denim bag!
  12. Surprisingly, I'm liking the denim fanny pack!! Too bad I only wear denim jeans, and there is nothing I dislike more than denim on denim, especially directly on the bum.

    Don't forget that Rakuten stores mark up the already higher-than-here's retail prices so it could be hundred(s) cheaper!
  13. I didn't realize the markup was so high!
    Beverly MM converts to $1500
    Antigua MM converts to $1000 (should be around $750)

    So since the price on the Antigua and this swing pack thing are relatively close...I'll estimate that at $800!

    Still, I don't know what I'd wear this denim bag with though, because ITA with you that I hate putting denim on denim below the waist!

    Edit: And you're very welcome all! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks for posting pix Karman!
  15. thanks for posting karman! been wondering about the zippy wallet and other items.