New Denim colors on ebay! LOOK!

  1. Fuschia Color

    Khaki Color

    Brought to you by Ooh-La-Louis. at least those of you that were thinking of getting the fuschia & khaki colors can see it now. :smile: Thoughts, comments?
  2. Yummy!!
  3. I like the pink.. cute :smile:
  4. i like the pink but i would probably buy the green if i had the $.
  5. I bought the pink from eluxury, I can't wait to get it!
  6. Does anyone know how much these are retailing for (non ebay)?
  7. $1220 + tax here in HI before the price increase next week :biggrin:
  8. wow the khaki is gorgeous!
  9. LOVE both colors! So, did all the reg. denim styles come out in pink and green?
  10. I like both colors, I am not in love with them. I will stick to the blue denim.
  11. I'm just not feeling the khaki, love the pink though !
  12. Wow- I love the khaki. Is it available on eluxury?
  13. Are prices going up AGAIN everywhere or just in HI?
  14. I think its just in HI. Chanel FJ is increasing their prices tomorrow to compete with the continental US and Asian prices. HI is always stuck in the middle somewhere :lol:
  15. the pink is too cute.