New denim collection from Dooney and Bourke

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  1. What do you all think about these bags? I love them, but can't decide which to order, would love any and all opinions! :biggrin:
  2. do u have pics
  3. [​IMG]

    Double Pocket Tote


    Medium Banana Bag


    Tassel Tote

    There are more at but I just posted the ones I like. I like the trim on the first two, and it's available in different colors. I'm not a big fan of denim, but these are nice looking.
  4. of the 3 i'd prefer the first one.. the double pocket tote.
  5. I'm a bit wary of most fabric bags. Is the denim treated to repel stains?
  6. I like the tassle tote
  7. Somehow, Dooney & Bourke doesn't do it for me. How about the blue Louis Vuitton bags?
  8. D&B has never been 'it' for me. They seem to travel the line between genuine and copycat too closely.
  9. denim as in jeans but on a designer handbag, that's different. i am more pleasantly surprised than I though I would be though.
  10. I'm not a dooney fan and I can't say I like these either. I'm not really much of a denim handbag fan, although I bought a piece from the LV denim collection :lol:
  11. I like Dooney's. I have a Cabriolet Limited edition one, but Im not really a fan of these. I like it when they stick to what they know best :all-weather leather. I also love their prices. Cant beat that.
  12. D&B makes the ugliest LV ripoffs. I really can't stand them and the 14 year olds who carry them. Straight up classless and ugly.
  13. I have liked a D&B bag here and there... these ones are alright. Better than the bags that actually have "Dooney & Bourke" written all over them
  14. Excuse me? They also make some professional looking bags. Ive never seen a 14 yr old with mine. Just bcause a bag doesnt cost a grand does NOT make it un-classy or the person strutting their stuff with it on their shoulder.