new denim cles

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  1. Anyone like these and getting one? I saw them yesturday and they are so cute in person, just not sure how the denim will hold up (stay clean).
  2. I think they are so cute.
  3. i think its really cute, might get one.
  4. I have the denim flat pouch and love it.

    However, I don't use it everyday like I would a cles.

    I think the cles could get somewhat dirty :sad:
  5. I like it and Im thinking about getting it but I do think it will get dirty very easily
  6. I have my name down for one... my SA said they should arrive at my boutique on May 16th? :sad:

    Is it bad if I mostly want it because I am madly in love with the lining? :p
  7. I love it SOO much and I'm uhh... about 80% (haha) sure I'm going to get one!
  8. I think I am going to get one too.
  9. Do u guys know for how much???? I LOVE IT
  10. i like to post same pics all over the place.....!!!!
  11. yup....:yes: getting one!
  12. cute, but I wouldn't get it....
  13. i would definitely get one!
  14. They're really cute, I haven't seen them in person yet but I hope I can go in soon and look at them.
  15. I was hoping it would have leather trimmings on the side like the Perfo Cles', kwim? :shrugs: