New Denim Bag

  1. I saw it today in the store... you can unfasten the corners, it becomes bigger!;)
  2. Oooh, nice!!!
  3. ooh, was it black? I hope, I hope!
  4. ;)I saw the new denim they are really nice but my parents and my bf all think is too pricy for a denim bag... Blah... ! so I cant get it.. sigh .. !! I hope someone will take it home and show me some modeling pics !!
  5. stephanie71 Did You Ask For The Price??? Tia
  6. Oh! That sounds yummy!

    Cant wait to see it IRL.
  7. how much is it? i cant wait to see
  8. I can't wait for this bag to come out.
  9. yes it can be made bigger. if its the cabby your talking about. theres some stuff about it in the fall winter summary
  10. I like the cabby but I think I will wait for the "spy" looking denim bag. LOL I love it!

  11. Me, too. Yesterday, my SA talked me into waitlisting for the Denim XL Handbag --- the LV Spy one --- heehee --- instead of the Neo Cabby. At least we know that the Neo Cabby is permanent, so if the Spy doesn't call out my name, I know the Neo Cabby will. LOL
  12. ooh i love that "spy" type bag too.
  13. Is this bag released yet?
  14. The bag is released in Blue denim. I saw it IRL last week the smaller one is asking for 13500 HKD and the larger one for 15500 HKD
  15. anyone have pics?