1. YIKES!

    Even I am beginning to think I officially qualify for insanity. I need a head check.

    Okay, so I had thought I had finally chosen a very cute, stylish and function Cole Haan bag, since I am looking for a classic every-day purse, something not too dressy, yet not too casual either.

    I had decided on this Cole Haan in British Tan....
    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL CONVERTIBLE TOTE : Paige Collection Handbags

    But then I saw this one by Furla in Cognac.
    Furla Sally Leather Hobo - Hobos -

    Which do I get? I want something that I can use year-round, since I probably won't be buying another expensive bag like this for another year.

  2. personally I prefer the Furla, but once again pick the one that's more functional and in collaboration with your life style; not to mention outfits. which one do you see yourself carrying and getting maximum usage?
  3. I think i prefer the furla too. Are they a similar size? Have you been able to check them both out IRL ?
  4. I haven't seen either one in real life. I live in Vancouver, Canada and most the stores are in Toronto for both Furla and Cole Haan.
    I'm so torn....
    I kind of like the Cole Haan b/c I can't decide b/w carrying it on my shoulder or in my hand, and I like having the option to carry it both ways.
    But I think I like the Furla more for it's color than it's style.
    I am certifiably crazy and obsessed with purses. UGH!
    I just want a classy every-day bag that's not too casual nor too dressy.
  5. I love the Cole Haan!

    IMO the Furla is very plain :biggrin:
  6. I think the leather looks nicer on the Furla - but it's really difficult to tell from a picture.
  7. I like the Cole Haan better.
  8. I'd go for the Cole Haan. :yahoo:
  9. I like the Cole Haan too. The Furla is nice, but just too plain for me. The Cole Haan at least has the buckle decoration to make it stand out more.
  10. i like the cole haan one a lot better.
  11. Furla for me!
  12. I like the Furla. My taste tends to lean toward more simple designs. But I don't think either of them would be a bad choice!
  13. They are both very nice, but I prefer the Cole-Hahn style, a bit more decorative and I like that it can be carried by hand or on the shoulder.
  14. I like the Cole Haan