New Deals On Nm!!! Hurry!!!

  1. Thank you
  2. these deals are torture for someone on a purse ban like me!
  3. Thanks!!!!
    digablebeatz you are not alone, so hard to fight temptation...
  4. Almost everything is gone :sad: I would really like the BV tote in black !
  5. But thanks so much for posting!! You're so sweet!
  6. Thank You soooo Much for Posting!!!!
  7. thank you!
  8. thanks ALI W, despite all these deliciously tempting deals, i've been on a purse ban since june 20 and still going strong! once i got past the early stages, it got alot easier.
  9. Sorry, I'm the guilty one that bought the MJ Ingird in almond. It's a cute evening purse. LOL
  10. Hmm, Ash, can you please throw some cash (or a bag or two) my way? :yes::p
  11. Haha. I have been in a spending frenzy with all of these incredible sales. I'll behave after this week, promise. LOL
  12. I love the ingrid bag, so cute!! Post pics when you get it