NEW DE Totally…Keep or Return?!?

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  1. Hi All,
    I was so excited to get the call yesterday that my Totally DE PM was in and I could come in and Preview it and buy it on Friday the 28th. When I called them back I told them I was heading out of town early in the morning of the 28th and could I buy it early? They said they would call corporate and call me back. "Yes" was the answer. I was so excited.
    When I went in today to buy it, I really looked it over. (even though I was so excited and wanted to just walk out with it) I noticed the bottom squares were not exactly lined up and almost rectangles…not squares. So, I asked, if they had any others. They did and I looked the 2nd one over and the bottom was perfect (exact squares) but the zipper was not working well…it kept sticking. You know how the LV zipper usually is like butter, but this one was not. So, again, I asked the SA if they had any more. She said they had one more in stock. She brought it out and it had a great zipper but the bottom is not perfect….see pics. (I decided that I wanted a great zipper rather than perfectly aligned squares) And this one (the third) one was MUCH better on the bottom than the first one (I wish I had taken a picture of THAT one…it was SO bad)

    I usually am not that picky, because I do think purses are meant to be used, but it is really disappointing to have the craftsmanship not what it use to be.

    The SA was really nice and said she would call me if they got any more in, but at this point there was non scheduled in the computer so she doesn't know when that will be.

    Let me know what you think.
    Keep and don't worry about the bottom, or return and be patient….?

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  2. #2 Mar 27, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
    I would keep it and enjoy it. None are perfect.
    And who is ever going to see the bottom??

  3. +1
  4. Are you talking about along the seam cutoffs creates a rectangular image?
  5. IMO it looks pretty good to me. Nothing is 100% perfect with LV these days.
  6. It's beautiful! Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  7. ^ I agree enjoy your new LV :smile:
  8. I would keep it if the only issue is the bottom. They are not perfect squares, but the line up is almost perfect. I am not a Damier expert though (I don't even have one yet), so it looks good enough to me.

    That said, if you will continue to be bothered by it and will wonder if you should have exchanged it, then exchange it. I see no point in regretting an LV purchase or feeling like an item that you have wanted (and purchased new) is second rate or second best.

    In short, the bottom of the tote looks fine to me, but you have to be happy. I only have one LV regret, but I still get a twinge of remorse seven years later! Ugh! :-s

    Good luck with your decision, and keep us posted!

    By the way thanks for the post because you have given me something to consider about the Damier print when I make my first Damier purchases this year. I am leaning toward the Trevi and the Eva.
  9. lol this made me laugh…no one will ever see my bottom!:amuse:
  10. :lol:
  11. Definitely keep and enjoy. The bottom doesn't look bad to me - you'll never find total perfection.
  12. +2
  13. The crooked zipper bothers me more.
  14. agree
  15. Keep it. I think its not defect item. No quality issue. Enjoy your bag. :smile: