New DE Pochette- To Buy or Not?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I would really appreciate your advice. I am a small purse girl due to back problems and I have mono and DE Evas that I use for traveling, going out etc depending on the weather. I also just bought the new mono pochette for casual use as I feel Eva is a little too dressy for the many days when all I do is school drop off/ pick up and grocery store runs. But I'm living in a very rainy, snowy corner of Europe for the next few months until we move back to California next summer, and I really don't want to use ( and potentially ruin the vachetta on) my new mono pochette in this bad weather. I know the new DE pochette is coming out in October. I am considering buying it. Here's the rub- no offense to anyone here, but I don't actually like DE! I only bought the DE Eva for practicality in bad weather- and it has been really great for that. But I much prefer mono. What should I do? I could use an old Kate Spade bag for daily casual wear this winter OR buy the new DE pochette and use it. I could probably use it on casual rainy days back home in
    California too. Would any of you buy a bag you didn't love for practical reasons? Or should I just manage with Kate Spade this year and maybe buy a casual rain proof small Tory Burch or something similar in a fun
    color when I move home? It would probably cost about the same so it's not a money issue. Thank you so much in advance for your help!
  2. I also own the New Mono Pouchette and am thinking about getting it in Azur and Ebene as well. For the price and multi uses for the bag I think you should get it in DE.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Ebene print. I do get bored with that print easily but it's so good to have for rainy weather, water parks, etc. If you find yourself not using it as much you can always use it to store your camera, makeup, cell phone or something like that.

  3. I wouldn't buy something from LV if I didn't absolutely LOVE it. It's too expensive to just get it to get it and not love/like it. Use the Kate Spade for now and save up. Maybe sometime in the future DE will grow on you and you'll find a bag you'll absolutely love and it'll be worth it.
  4. If you do not love DE, don't do it especially since you have the Eva. I'd rather use the Kate Spade and get something you really love. Or maybe something pre-loved so that you do not feel about if the rain gets to it.
  5. Totally agree for the prices you should Love it! :smile:
  6. Thx my sista from another mista! :roflmfao:
  7. Buy what you love. If DE is not your thing no sense in purchasing.
  8. It's too much money for something you don't love - you don't have to carry LV every day do you? Since you mention small bags and KS - is it a Tina? I have one and love it but it's too small for what I usually need to carry.
  9. Don't get something you don't love! Just use your kate spade or de eva this winter!
  10. Thanks everyone! Still deciding- RealHousewife1 makes some very good points as well since I would only pay around $300 for it since LV is much cheaper in France than in the US. Of course, carrying my Kate Spade Greta this winter is probably more sensible, but since I started collecting LV two years ago I don't feel like carrying anything else! I just really enjoy the quality and the feel of the Eva and pochette bags, and they are so much more lightweight and comfortable than the other brands I used to carry. that's why I'm having such a hard time deciding!
  11. Exactly. I say get it because even though you have the Kate spade- we both know you won't enjoy it as much as an LV. And you can always sell it later if you change your mind. The price will only increase.
  12. I think we all do that. I purchased the Speedy in ebene for the same reason...more care free bag, yet still LV. Now I looove the print...waaaay more than the mono. Actually mono does not attract me at all. :P So I say go for the pochette. You'll find a great use for it later.
  13. Thanks so much ladies! I bought the new DE pochette and am very happy with it- it really is a perfect everyday winter bag for me. Unfortunately I got hit with the price increase in Europe the day I bought it but it's still worth it :smile:
  14. Congrats, enjoy your new pochette :smile:
  15. Congrats..
    New DE pochette also in my wish list.
    I am going to France end of this month...will buy it there..