new David Yurman pieces

  1. I really love this ring. What do you think of it?

    white agate deco ring - $1,100

    The enhancer is also very pretty.
  2. I love the ring. Are you going to get it?
  3. Love the ring. Very pretty.
  4. i dont really like the stone but i love the style of it the chain is very different i like it a lot
  5. I just got the David Yurman amethyst splint shank ring a short time ago and an enamel bracelet form Hermes. I need to hold off for a little while. This will be my next purchase though or the Chanel ring with the white flower. Have you seen that? It's on the Chanel website. I can't copy the pic from that website. It is a very unique ring. It also comes with a black flower. Check it out and tell me what you think. is under fine jewelry under Camelia section.
  6. Is the diamond flower with the diamond in the center? If so that is so my thing...LOVE IT!
  7. I love the black flower! Though I usually side with white, I think the black with gold is just GORGEOUS! If the white was with yellow gold, I'd side with the white.
  8. Actually there are no diamonds in the ring. It is "18k white gold and cacholong." The flower is actually a white stone.
  9. I really don't like yellow gold. That's why I especially like the white one.:P Different strokes, huh?:P
  10. I think it's okay.
    The Chanel Camelia ring is amazing though!
  11. The Camelia Ring....Is Beautiful....So Are The Yurman Pieces.

    I Have Been Out Of David Yurman Craze For A While ~ What Happened To Me? I Still Admire His Work. The Last Pieces I Got, Were A Couple Necklaces As Gifts, When My Son Was Born (End Of 2002)....I Wore Them For A Little While.....
  12. LOVE THE RING!!!! Are you going to get it?
  13. These are very pretty
  14. Kat ~ I Couldn't See Yhe Pictures Last Night...I Don't Why! Gorgeous!!!!! I Think I'm Ready For More David Yurman!!!!!!! :smile:
  15. the yurman pieces are pretty (i like the necklace more than the ring) but i LOVELOVELOVE that chanel ring you're talking about. it is AMAZING. so my vote goes for that. :smile: