New Damier Speedy from LV Hong Kong

  1. Got my new Damier Speedy today :love: from the LV store in Hong Kong. I think next to the LV European stores, LV Hong Kong sells it lower than the US price. I got mine for $603 where the exchange rate at the LV store is 1 USD = 7.72 HKD...and it's made in France too !:tender:
  2. BTW, it's a Speedy 30
  3. Congrats! :yahoo: Post pic pleaseeee:yes: !
  4. Congrats & enjoy!
  5. Thanks gals !!!

    I've attached a picture of her arrival and beside her soufflot sister :girlsigh:
    Damier & Soufflot.jpg New Damier.jpg
  6. Buying LV in Hong Kong is so much better because of the price, well compared to Australia anyway. Hopefully it'll remain that way when they introduce GST in 2007, fingers crossed :Push:

    Congratulations on the new bag BTW :yahoo:
  7. GORGEOUS!!!:love: And I LOVE the suofflot!!!:nuts:
  8. Congrat's on your new bag.
  9. OMG! they are introducing GST in 07 in HK???!?!?!?!:hysteric: :crybaby: :rant: nooo...i always like to buy vuitton in HK to cheat since i live in toronto......nooooo.....>.<"
  10. Congrats on your new bag!
  11. Congrats!! Love both bags!!
  12. Congrats...
  13. Aww.. man, GST in Hong Kong ? I have to speed up my visit then !!

    Congrats. :smile:
  14. Gorgeous bag, congrats. I love your soufflot. Is it black??? I can't really tell.
  15. i love it, congrats!! enjoy!! :heart: