New Damier Pieces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I was at the LV store yesterday, (just bought a Malesherbas epi in black), and I saw the new pieces they are going to come up with. Both are in Damier and its the Ellipse PM and the Mabillon. I and so:love: with the ellipse, I think it looks better in the damier print that the mono IMO. They are only taking reservations for them now and I am on the list for one. :biggrin:
  2. OH NO! Isnt the Malesherbes the Kelly Bag? I want that bag sooo bad in mono!


  3. Oooh an elipse would be quite interesting in damier ! I can't wait to see pictures :biggrin:
  4. Yes, I think it is. It is gorgeous. My SA told me that the one I got is the only one left. I don't know if is still available anywhere else. He also told me that it only came in black but I saw some inthe internet that is in blue so I don't know whether that is auth or not. I:love: it. It can hold a lot.
  5. No it came in a few colors. I think Green, Blue, Yellow, Black and for sure MONO. I want the Mono badly. It comes up on Ebay once and a while...whenever I see it I am cash poor! LOL Its a beautiful bag. Enjoy it. Please post a picture. I would love to see it.
  6. That does sound cool, the shape of the ellipse is neat. I think it would look great in Damier :love:
  7. I will try to post once I figure out how. I have been trying to several days to resize the pictures but am having such a hard time with it. :sad2:
  8. Wow! Never heard of the Malesherbas bag! Anyone have any pics?

    Congrats on your purchase! The Ellipse would look nice in the Damier canvas. I had one in the reg mono and while I liked it, it didn't "woo" me.
  9.!!! Wait, I have seen that. Ur right! It is :love: !!!!

    I think I remember one in mono on Ebay one time. Does LV still make that bag cuz I haven't seen it around?? Also, what is the Mabillon?
  10. Oh wow, that bag is gorgeous! Love the Epi Blue.:love:
  11. Let-Trade has it sometimes in mono. I love it so much. I know they had one or two Epi in the company but that was it. I really wanted mono. I just couldnt spend that much $1200 for a bag that small. I dont think it would hold much. I love it though.
  12. It is quite breathtaking but just like Selena, I couldn't spend that much # on a bag that doesn't fit much!
  13. Do you think that they'll come out with the cabas mezzo in the damier??? Should i wait or order it???
  14. ^^^ You never know. But if you could wait, maybe they will. I know that if you were to SO an item they cost almost twice the retail.