New Damier pieces for men !

  1. Hello!
    I just saw 3 days ago 2 new pouches for men in the Galeries Lafayette store in Paris. The same in two different sizes. They look like the Rift pouch, with bandouliere and zippy hardware. I think they are the same launch as the Macao clutch. They are not on LV website, I don't know their name, I just know their price (200 and 250 Euros I believe). Have you heard about these tiny men pouches ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !
  2. ooo these sound intriguing, anymore info anyone?
  3. Thanks for your interest on the matter GeorgesLV ! I am sure these are new pouches for men, never seen before. They look like "mini Danube" in Damier, or Rift, with a brass "zippy" zipper, rectangular, and are available in 2 sizes. I am sure they are the same launch as the Macao because they are about the same style. Impossible to find info about them at the moment ... argh ...
    I like them a lot !
  4. Am I the only Vuitton lover who has seen them in the world LOL!? Please, help me if you have seen them !!! Thanks and thanks a lot for your help! I am desperate !
  5. I'm looking for something like that ATM, but not in regular damier. DO they come in azur too? For such small items it might as well be a bit flashy. =P
  6. Not in Azur, only regular Damier and masculine pieces like the macao clutch !
  7. wow those prices sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to see one I am lover of small little bags ;)
  8. Yes, they are 200 and 250 or 275 euros I have an hesitation for the largest model (that is not really a large model but very small LOL!). These pouches are just for a cell and coins ... I love them. Don't hesitate if you have more information, their name ...
  9. They are on now. They're called the Okapi Case. Around 300 and 370 US$. And can be worn on the waist or on the shoulder. I still like the look and shape of the Macao better.
  10. I was going crazy on Saturday because I couldn't find any info on these bags! :p
  11. I still like the wapity, macao and cancun clutch better. =/
  12. Can anyone be so kind to post pics of these new items? I'm not able to view them right now since I am at home, have dial up, which the LV site takes ages to load. :cursing:
  13. here we go
  14. OoooooHHH! :drool: me likey likey likey! :biggrin: (sorry, I don't know any other info about them)
  15. Thanks for posting Label Addict!

    These look super small. :sad: I hope they look bigger IRL.