New Damier Keepall 50 with wrinkled leather?

  1. Hi All,
    I'm new to this blog and I just picked up a Damier Keepall 50. I was kind of surprised when the new bag was brought out, because it was folded flat like a pancake. I thought nothing of it at the time, but when I got home I opened everything up to get a good look at my loot and I noticed that the leather trim all around the bag is wrinkly where it was folded flat. Is this normal? The rest of the trim is very smooth. I stuffed the bag with clothes because the SA said the bag would regain its shape with use. If this wrinkled trim is not normal/won't get better with time, perhaps I should exchange for another...or take this as a 'sign' that I should get the Epi 45?
  2. It will smooth with use. Stuff it with a pillow to get out the creases. Congrats on the new bag and welcome to tPF.
  3. Can I just clarify whether you mean the leather or the canvas?

    If it's the leather then, yes, the wrinkle is to be expected if it was folded. When I bought my Keepall 50 in Damier, it came flat-pack, but when I unfolded it and used it the creases on the canvas faded and there was no cracking effect on the canvas. Since then, I have used it on many occassions, and then stored it like it came when I bought it-flat pack. However, for me this has resulted in cracking. I've no idea if it will go after use. I don't think it will. You may want to get it checked out if its the leather.
  4. Just got my mono keepall 50 for my birthday(love it btw). Its stuffed with pillows, which seems to be working. Dont worry,it takes time.

    Unless you prefer the epi anyways?
  5. I think a little stuffing inside with pillows will do the job... let us know how it goes.
  6. Please, post pics when possible :smile:
    I'm thinking of this keepall myself ;D
  7. Just stuff it....the wrinkles will work their way out eventually.
  8. The wrinkling (I don't think it's bad enough to be called cracking) is on the LEATHER trim, not the canvas. I stuffed the bag with towels and shirts yesterday, but I haven't made it home to check the results.

    I stopped by Louis Vuitton to return the brown Portefuille Accordeon wallet that I purchased (it was nice, but completely impractical) and a SA told me that the leather on a new Keepall should not be wrinkly from having been folded in the stockroom. She suggested that I bring the product in for assessment/replacement. I'll post pictures later for all to see and, of course, if I have to replace it I'll let you all know how that goes.

    Thus far, LV customer service has been A+++ (knock on wood) and the Hawai'i prices are the icing on the cake.
  9. I bought a mono 50 and the leather was wrinkled as well from being stored folded. I think they're all stored folded so wrinkles may be inevitable if the bag you bought has been sitting in the back room for a long time.
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Testing...hope everyone can see it!

    Edit: seems to be working. Note how there is a section of the leather (where it was folded) that is very wrinkly while the rest of the leather trim is smooth. The crease in the canvas doesn't bother me at all.
  11. ^^^that's exactly how my monogram vachetta looks.
  12. <That wont ever come off no matter how many pillows you stuff it with. Get an exchange.
  13. For some reason, your comment made me laugh.:roflmfao: I think I'll take it in. I'm not thoroughly impressed by LV quality thus far, but I have to say that the Keepall looks AMAZING. [​IMG]
    I hope they can replace it with an unblemished version because, as gorgeous as this duffel is, Burberry sells a ripoff similitude less the wrinkly quality issue (or I can go with an Epi 45 and avoid the wrinkles altogether;)).
  14. So, I went back to LV and found out that all of the vinyl Keepalls suffer from the wrinkly strap. It's apparently a consequence of the flat-folding. I was told that I could get an Epi, which doesn't fold flat, but the SAs thought my Damier 50 was better due to the larger size (the only cabin-sized Epi is a 45). My friend tried to persuade me that Damier would age less gracefully than Epi (with proper care, she's probably right), but I do like the classic check pattern.

    Being that it's Halloween, I picked up a 'treat' for myself. :wlae: I may have to go back tomorrow to see the new product...
  15. when i went to purchase my damier keepall 55, i saw that it was packaged in a flat brown cardboard box. so i knew i was getting a spanking new one. could yours be a return? regardless, i would exchange it for a perfect one. i still stored my keepall folded and have not had problems with the leather trim wrinkling like yours.

    btw, congrats on your keepall! love it.