New Damier Items coming soon????

  1. Okay so I have been debating Special ordering either a speedy 35 or 40 in damier but I read somewhere that coming July they may be making that a readily available piece?

    Has anyone heard anything?

  2. Oh please, yes! Damier Speedy 35! I want one!
  3. I would totally break my ban for a damier speedy 35. I wish they would make it in azur too.
  4. I am ready to buy the 35 now!! LOL For some reason longer bags look better on me and the 35 is perfect!
  5. whats coming? I would like a speedy 35
  6. I would love new stuff!
  7. ooooh i would DIE for a damier 35. i've been wondering if it could be SO-ed, but if it coming into fruition without the SO, that would be even better!
  8. It definately can be SO'd but it would be around 1k if I remember correctly...